Display Family

Complete your application with the addition of a rugged monochrome, full color, or full color with touch screen display. Regardless of the simplicity or complexity, we have a solution that will optimize the features and capabilities for your application.

Work with our team of engineers to develop and integrate custom solutions and designs which make your product more competitive. Our experienced team can work with you and incorporate custom menus, messages, logos, re-design the look and feel, as well as help bring the entire solution together while using our DVC programmable controllers.

The PowerView and DVC61 displays give you the flexibility to customize and configure many of the advanced graphic and switch features that are available. This family of displays provides a breadth of simple and affordable solutions to very complex custom applications.

Display Graphic The rugged TFT color screens are daylight visible, and come complete with large, sealed, tactile operator input keys that can be used for input selections or screen/page easy navigation. The PV380, PV450, and PV780 displays are fully SAE J1939 compatible and can be used to display simple text or complex graphics, icons and symbols that fully relate to your project and the system operation, greatly helping usability and improving system diagnostics.

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